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Particle Technology Labs is the leading particle characterization testing and advisory company in the United States. We work with major organizations across the private and public sectors. Our scope, and expansive knowledge of particle technology allows us to address problems that no one else can, and provide insight and perspective necessary for our clients to make the right decisions.

Providing Regulatory Compliance

PTL is a proven cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant laboratory, in accordance with 21 CFR, Parts 11, 210 and 211. Our facility is FDA registered and inspected, hosting over 30 audits per year from the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. We are DEA licensed and approved to handle schedule II through V controlled substances. We also hold an ATF permit for analyzing pyrotechnic materials.


Many times, particle size distribution analysis provides sufficient information about sample material. However, in cases where the shape of raw material particles can affect performance and quality of the end product, more detailed information may be needed. For these applications, automated image analysis provides thorough and accurate particle shape characteristic measurements.

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Over time, advancements in technology have led to changes in many aspects of our lives. These advancements include improvements to tried-and-true scientific instruments, including those in the science of particle characterization. This means the instruments used while establishing a test method may be superseded by a newer model and new test methods must be developed.

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Chemical adsorption, or chemisorption, is a process resulting from a chemical bond between adsorbate molecules and specific surface locations on a material, known as active sites. Chemisorption measurement techniques are useful for evaluating physical and chemical properties of materials that are critical for process / reaction performance. Primarily, chemisorption is used to evaluate the number of available active sites to increase the rate of, or catalyze, chemical reactions.

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