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The best tools for biophysical science

Nikon Instruments Inc. offers a variety of exceptional tools ranging from flexible microscope platforms to the highest quality objective lenses to meet the demands of your single molecule experiments.

Nikon’s latest research inverted microscope, the Eclipse Ti2 features an expandable infinity space enabling researchers to attach a variety of illumination devices for custom applications. Nikon offers a suite of modular illumination devices, including the LAPP system , which can be custom-combined in a variety of configurations to create the perfect solution for your biophysical needs. Illumination devices include modules for performing single-molecule TIRF, photo-stimulation (laser scanning and DMD-based), as well as a flip-mirror device for bringing in free-space lasers for optical trap experiments. Custom applications such as FRET combined with optical trapping can be easily achieved with these modular systems. Nikon’s latest generation of TIRF illuminators offers a variety of choices including simultaneous, multi-angle TIRF imaging and an optional Gaussian ND filter for achieving even illumination across the TIRF field of view and elliptical polarizers for optimizing dye excitation in your single molecule imaging experiments.

Nikon also offers a family of solid-state laser combiners, the LUN series , which provide the highest level of flexibility in laser choices, output fibers and fiber switchers. The LUN laser combiners are based on a complex monolithic optical combiner which eliminates the need for alignment rendering the system virtually maintenance free.

Arguably the most important component of any imaging system is the objective lens. Nikon offers the highest quality objective lenses for single-molecule TIRF and optical traps. These include the industry leading Apo TIRF 100x 1.49NA lens and Plan Apo IR 60x 1.27NA, water-immersion lens with enhanced transmission in the IR range, ideal lenses for TIRF and optical trapping experiments. Nikon also offers a super-resolution version of these lenses with optimized point spread functions and high-laser power tolerance to meet the highest demands.

Nikon’s super-resolution imaging systems, N-STORM and N-SIM offer 10-fold and 2-fold improvements in resolution beyond that of conventional light microscopes. With the latest generation of N-STORM, version 5.0 , users can now acquire datasets 10-times faster, enabling live-cell imaging at nanoscale resolution.

All of Nikon’s imaging systems are controlled by NIS-Elements , a powerful acquisition and analysis software platform. NIS-Elements offers tools for easy integration of 3rd party devices, custom programming including java-scripting, integration of data/ analysis results from 3rd party softwares, and powerful visualization and presentation tools.


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